Prototype Moulding– From 1 to 100’s

Timing 5-10 Days (for a typical component)

The prototype mould can be moulded with an operator at the machine, in some cases for extremely low volumes and to keep costs down we will not add cooling or ejection.

Undercuts and complex areas usually requiring slider/up and aways can all be achieved using "knock-out" inserts and manually dismantled. Loading in inserts, over moulding, or custom components that require encapsulation can all be achieved. The parts themselves can be trimmed or post worked to enable machining of undercuts or features that would have made the tooling price prohibitive.

Prototype Mould

This enables you to get fully functional parts in the correct material to test or trial so your confidence in the production tool can be assured.

Low/Med Volume Moulding- From 1 to 1000’s

We can mould from a few hundred to tens of thousands of parts. Depending upon the quantities required we can use multi cavity moulds to provide the best price options for your product.

Moulding Australia

Parts can be moulded in any material from the basic Polypropylene materials up to filled engineering plastics.

Production Moulding

If you require full production we can make mould using multi cavity moulds & full hot tip manifolds. These tools can make many hundreds of thousands of parts.

Production Moulding

Over Seas Moulding

PMT can also source tooling & parts from overseas. Throughout this process we will manage and qualify the tooling and parts produced.


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