Prototype Tooling – From 1 to 100’s

Timing 5-10 Days (for a typical component)

When you really need the "prototype" in the "real" material then Aluminium "prototype tooling" can provide a very good option. By using inset moulding philosophy in the tool design we can keep the costs down and the timing short. This can be cost effective even for very short numbers, and also as the aluminium too/inserts can be easily modified to accommodate design changes.

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In many cases prototype tooling can also provide a cost effective alternative to Vacuum casting/Silicon Moulding. Typically you may need 20-40 parts to prove your design or to demonstrate to sales and Marketing the "real" product. This can be an expensive and lengthy process in silicon moulding.

  • Silicon Moulding
  • Example, Simple Case part around 180x 60x10
  • SLA $500 3-5days
  • Silicon Mould $500+ (x2 Moulds) 1-2 Days
  • Each Part $75 2-3 per Day (x40).
  • Total Cost $ 4500 Up to 20 Days.
  • Prototype Mould
  • Mould Cost $4000 5-8 Days
  • Parts $3-4 Each 1 Day
  • Total $4160 – Real Parts in the Real Material and Faster
  • Low/Med Volume Tooling - From 1 to 1000’s

    Our tools can make from a few hundred to tens of thousands of parts. We can tailor the tool & number of cavity’s to suit your requirements. These tools can be made in Aluminium (Tooling Grade) or steels from basic mild steel to tooling steel.

    Tooling Perth

    Production Tooling - Full Production 100s to 100,000s

    If you require full steel tooling we can make the tools using the best tool steels available. These tools can make many hundreds of thousands of parts. These can be either simple single cavity tools or multi cavity / insert tooling. The tooling can be made to meet your preferred moulding company’s requirements or we can mould them for you.

    Tooling Perth   Tooling Perth

    Over Seas Tooling

    PMT can also source tooling & parts from overseas. Through out this process we will manage and qualify the tooling and parts produced, giving you the confidence of using overseas suppliers without the headaches. We are able to bring the tooling in to Australia to mould the parts locally should it make more financial sense.


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